roofing maintenance packages, dayton oh

Keep Your Roof in Excellent Condition

Arrange for roof maintenance services in Dayton, OH

It’s always easier to fix problems with your roof early on. That’s why Chimney Rock Roofing & Construction, LLC provides roof maintenance services. We offer various maintenance packages in Dayton, OH to best meet your needs.  

If you get our basic maintenance package, our team will: 

  • Visit two times a year, during the spring and fall. 
  • Sweep your entire roof and remove any debris. 
  • Clean the valleys of your roof. 
  • Perform a basic roof inspection.

Or you can get our premium maintenance package, which includes:  

  • Visiting two times a year, during the spring and fall. 
  • Sweeping your entire roof and removing any debris. 
  • Cleaning the gutters and valleys of your roof. 
  • Performing a 5-point roof inspection. 
  • Providing up to $500 rebates for any needed work.

Call 937-528-9687 to schedule roof maintenance services today. 

Learn about our signature maintenance package

When it comes to roof maintenance packages, our signature package takes the cake. You’ll appreciate that:

  • We’ll visit four times a year, once per season.
  • We’ll sweep your entire roof and remove any debris.
  • We’ll clean your gutters and roof valleys.
  • We’ll power wash your gutters and fascia.
  • We’ll perform a 10-point roof inspection.
  • We’ll provide documentation to protect your warranty.
  • We’ll credit you up to $1,500 if you need a new roof.

You’ll also be our top priority if you need any emergency repairs. Get in touch with us now for roof maintenance packages in Dayton, OH.